UPS modularity: from concept to reality

UPS modularity : from concept to reality

Customer-driven innovation is widely claimed across all industries ? but the reality of delivering genuine innovation that provides tangible benefits doesn?t just happen overnight.

Identified by Frost & Sullivan as having the potential to emerge as the most sought-after modular UPS product in 2020, this latest accolade for the MODULYS XL is testament to Socomec?s ongoing commitment to research and development that puts the customer at the heart of the process.

So, what?s the secret? Let?s take a look behind the scenes with exclusive insight from our Business Application Director, Olivier Tremouille.

The most successful developments are not always ground-breaking

?Sometimes it?s about taking what you already know and using it in a different way. Some of the best developments start with a relatively simple concept that might be based on the intrinsic benefits of existing products ? removing the uncertainties that can come with new technology.

By listening to what our customers want, it?s then possible to combine a number of small changes to deliver something truly outstanding. We will refine, perfect and introduce elements of customisation ? changing one small thing at a time. When these changes are rooted in what matters most to your customers, that?s when you deliver real value.?

Our customers are embedded in the development process

?Imagine you had a customer base of just one person – you wouldn?t dream of innovating without partnering with that person. We take that same approach and seek input early on in the ideation and design stages, rather than waiting for feedback further down the line. Using this collaborative ?test and learn? approach reduces time to market and makes the development cycle far more efficient. It also means that we can de-risk the technology for our customers and give them absolute confidence in the development.?

Combining traditional methods with new techniques ? for a balanced view

?It?s no secret that the customer is always right. By combining more novel approaches with traditional research methods, it?s possible to achieve a balanced view that?s representative of the wider customer base. By using market analysis and focus groups across different territories, you start to build a clear picture.


By layering those focus groups with consultants, technical design offices and end users – across segments – you can really drill down into what?s important. Customer interviews are also invaluable ? both at the beginning of the concept development phase as well as to help fine-tune technical decisions along the way. Our customers? commitment to this process is a huge compliment to us ? and we feel privileged that our customers choose to collaborate with us in this way.?

A multi-disciplinary approach delivers fresh insight

?Our customers are our greatest inspiration ? across the entire business. Our customers inform the way that we work across departments and, in turn, our development work draws on that in the widest possible sense. Our Project Teams are truly multi-disciplinary ? including Marketing, R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Purchasing ? which means that we are able to design products that are influenced by our customers? evolving needs. By using this unique insight, we can solve challenges and fill unmet gaps whilst also anticipating future requirements.?

Challenge everything ? to exceed expectations

?Our pursuit of customer value enhancement has been described by Frost & Sullivan as ?relentless?. We try to adopt an innovative approach to everything that we do ? challenging process, policy and strategy ? to develop best practices that enable us to include more value-added features and more functionality in everything that we develop. Combining this approach with our customers? ideas enables us to push our product performance that little bit harder. For instance, the MODULYS XL, as per all our Modular offerings, has an enhanced mean time between failures (MTBF) for unparalleled reliability in real world conditions. When we can deliver that kind of performance whilst making the customer the hero of the story ? and we can do it competitively ? then we have all won.?


Source: SOCOMEC Website

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