Practical and cost-effective protection
Single phase UPS from 600 to 2000 VA

The solution for:?CAD, graphic workstations, Multimedia workstations and peripherals, LCD screens and monitors, POS (Points Of Sales)



The solution for

? CAD, graphic workstations
? Multimedia workstations and peripherals
? LCD screens and monitors
? POS (Points Of Sales)


Ideal and cost-effective protection for SOHO or POS applications

? Adapted to protect IT applications in home, office and retail environments.
? A complete range of six models to adapt the power to the equipment?s consumption or to required back-up time.

Easy to use

? Control panel with graphical icons LCD / LEDs allowing the operating mode to be easily monitored.

A solution for network power cuts and voltage fluctuations

? The integrated AVR function (Automatic Voltage Regulation) stabilizes the output voltage and avoids the switching to Battery Mode operation, therefore saving the battery to support critical power cut events.

Simplified connection

? Several IEC 320 sockets (IT standard) simplify the connectivity to computer and IT peripherals.

Protection for your data line

? Integrated NTP protection for LAN/ADSL connection against the risk of data line overvoltage.


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